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Matt McErlean: Home

Thanks for stopping by!

I think it's fair to say -- not to say accurate to say -- that the website is a 'work-in-process.'  I'll be working assiduously to make the website entertaining in the near future.  Yeah, yeah, I know...that's right up there with 'your check is in the mail' and 'I'll call you right back.'  Seriously, I'm on it. Real. Soon.

Right now, only the Music and Photos sections of the website have any content to speak of.  I've got lyrics posted for most of the tunes and in a surprising number of cases, the actual lyrics you'll hear on the mp3's.  Any discrepencies between the written and sung versions have been intentionally provided to ascertain just how closely you are listening. There won't be a final, but you may see this stuff on a pop quiz, so listen up.

I'm working on the Song Narratives, HOSTBaby's 'story behind the song' template feature.  The thing about working with templates of any kind is that obvious pitfalls for obsessive-compulsive behavior...HEY! by Gawd there's a data field there.  I'd better enter something in it. 

Of course, I'm hoping that you've got the same issue and will feel positively compelled to sign up for the email list, make some entry (ANYTHING, just let me know you're breathing out there) in to the Guestbook.  You know, leave your imprint or scent the site.  Go for it, Daddy!

Do sign up for email list so I can hip you to when major additions or improvements take place.  Knowledgable parties have assured me that when the email list hits 10,000 members, I can start wearing a beret and sunglasses, kiss my cubicle rat existence goodbye and go back to playing guitar for a living full time.

You won't find anything for sale here (at least not yet, anyway), only music that I hope you'll enjoy enough to want to listen to more than once.  Almost all of the selections you'll find here are downloadable for free, with the few exceptions being material over which someone else (other than me) has some level of control, so you can only listen to those tunes.

FYI, I'll be releasing most of my stuff under a Creative Commons Attribution-Derivative Works--No Commerical Use license just as soon as I'm sure that this whole Creative Commons thing is every bit as cool as it appears at first blush.

The music here spans a pretty eclectic range of styles and nearly thirty years.  You'll find three collections here:

Of the three collections here, the freshest material are the Potbelly Nation sides, songs I am currently performing live at Potbelly Sandwich Works in D.C.   The oldest material is the Rock On! pop/rock songs from 1980 and recorded while I was touring in the Middle East.  The An Excuse To Play Jazz instrumentals were recorded during the period from 1980 through 1986.

FYI, a couple of the Rock On! tunes have been reborn into the Potbelly Nation material, making for a kind of interesting musical anthropological exercise: DOES 30 years make a an difference in either artistic aethetics or performance delivery?  You be the judge. Heck, if you actually LISTEN to my stuff, I'll let you be the jury, too. The one who gets to be 'Executioner' is going to the hottest...Say, can I get back to you about the whole 'excutioner' thing?  I may need to think this through a tad further.

But some things do 'getter better' over time, unless I'm just whistling past the graveyard or trying to make some virtue out of necessity here. Speaking for myself, Bernard Shaw's quote about 'The man I miss the most is the man I used to be,' isn't totally on point here, but ol' Georgie Porgie’s not far off on the matter, either.  Makes one wonder about the sanguity and attractiveness of a benign and/or blissfully unaware dotage.

You might find that my current vocals are stronger and the solo guitar accompaniments are more polished and intricate than the material when I was performing for a living.  On the other hand, the bruising guitar solos are probably only fixtures in the rear view mirror of time now.  Hard to tell.  On the QT, I confess I've had the urge lately to rock out the basement windows of the home studio, but so far I just lie down until the feeling goes away.  Stay tuned on that one, too.

And yes! Of course I want your feedback!  Drop me a line. And if you do enjoy the music or the site itself, please tell your friends to stop by, too. 

Hope you enjoy the tunes. Cheers!


Matt McErlean