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Matt McErlean: Music

Stop and Go Love (Call From Baby 1980)

(Words & Music: Matt McErlean)

Stop and Go Love (Call From Baby 1980)


Verse 1

A woman’s heart is funny, down and up all the time.

Hardest thing for a woman in love, is to make up her mind.

Cause I just got a Call From Baby, who says she’s coming back to stay.

Cut off the line, before I had time, I didn’t get a chance to say.



I’m doing alright, thank you.  No need to trouble yourself.

I’m no longer blue without you.  I’m sure I can find someone else.


Verse 2

I guess she must not remember, but it’s not so far in the past.

Hope she’s got more sense than memory, how could she forget so fast?

That she ran me ragged, running after her, never gave me the time of day.

Boy, if the tables are turned now, I know I know just what I’ll say.




Verse 3

But I guess I should meet her at the station, she’ll need somebody there.

That wouldn’t be an admission of love and I’m sure I know that I don’t care.

Hey, but there’s baby’s face in the window, good god, does that girl look fine.

Maybe she’s serious about me now?  I guess there’s time to change my mind.



Hey babe, it’s nice to see you, my love’s been on the shelf.

Troubled in mind without you, you know I couldn’t see nobody else.