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Matt McErlean: Music

Time To Go Home

(Words & Music: Matt McErlean)

Time to Go Home


Verse 1

Think I’ve been on the road too long, and this is my way of a Farewell Song.

You know that I think it’s time I were home.

I’m not saying I don’t like it here, but there’s a place in my heart, much more dear.

You know that I think it’s Time To Go Home.



And DC, I know I hear you calling me, though I’m 7,000 miles from you.

I know I got to get there quick, good lord, I’ve never been this homesick.

You know that I think that it’s Time To Go Home.


Verse 2

I really can’t afford the plane, but I’ll take one just the same.

When your time is up, you know that you gotta go.

I’ll beg, borrow, steal the bucks, I’ve always had real good luck

And when I hear her call, it tightens up my rap.




Verse 3

Washington in the springtime, can’t find more beauty anytime.

Flowers, love and cherry blossoms, in the air.

Plus I got a little girl in DC, good lord don’t know what she means to me.

Childhood sweetheart, long-term romance.







So, this is my fare thee well, so this is my fare thee well,


Verse 4

So THIS is my fare thee well, can I ask you to tell?

All of my friends here, that I had to run.

I hope that there’s no hard feelings, in spite of some shady dealings.

When in Rome, you know, you do as they do.