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Matt McErlean: Music

Baltimore Station: One Man Band Christmas 2013.12.28

Loyola Blakefield Faculty Christmas Party 2013

Loyola Blakefield Parents Christmas Party 2013

Baltimore Station: One Man Band

Hartman Graduation Party Sampler

Nicene Creed Hymn

Everything Else

Jacks Or Better To Open (The Jokers Are Wild 1980)

(Words & Music: Matt McErlean)

An Excuse To Play Jazz

The New ABC Song

(Words & Music by: Matt McErlean)

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

(Matt McErlean: Cooking At Potbelly)
February 23, 2012

Stop and Go Love (Call From Baby 1980)

(Words & Music: Matt McErlean)

Snowbound For Carrera

Mapu 20 (1980)

(Matt McErlean)

Dueling D'Aquisto Guitar Blues

Potbelly Nation Soul

(Matt McErlean)
Matt McErlean

Stormy Monday

The Skimmer

Talking Nursery Rhymes

(Matt McErlean)
Words & Music Matt McErlean

Across The Lines 01.06.2011

(Matt McErlean)
February 5, 2012
Tracy Chapman

Welcome Back

Time To Go Home

(Words & Music: Matt McErlean)

Ninth Bridge To Nowhere

Don't Stop Believing

Let's Stay Together

Thin Blue Line

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