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Matt McErlean: News

Matt McErlean Launches Music Website! - September 22, 2009

Kicking and screaming, Matt McErlean finally dragged himself into the digital era of the 21st century by launching '' on HostBaby. Can further forays into social networking be far off?

Matt vocal talent's have been described as 'velvety, bluesy and sensuous' and compared to James Taylor, Jesse Winchester and Otis Redding. His guitar playing, more particularly in his current solo guitar and vocal setting, is a solid mix of Steve Cropper and Joe Pass.

Matt's musical compositions evidence the aural gifts of Van Gogh, the vision of Stevie Wonder and the mainstream popular appeal of Pharoh Sanders. His lyrics aspire to Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and e.e. cummings. In short, Matt is a talented and ecletic song writer and performer, committed to solving the rubric of databased profiling in marketing himself as an indie artist over the Internet.

Matt is a former featured soloist of the United States Presidental Navy Band, 'Port Authority,' who freelanced in Manhattan (Windows on the World at the World Trade Center, Radio City, Carnegie Hall, the Mark Hellinger Theater) before concluding his professional career headlining with his trio at 'Gregory's,' a landmark jazz club early in the next to last decade of the last century.

Matt's reemergence as an entertainer rising Phoenix-like from the ashes of a successful civil service career coincided with the opening of a Potbelly Sandwich Works restaurant near his office in Southwest Washington, DC., 18 months ago.

'The Potbelly commitment to live music at lunch time has offered a great forum for my original songs and my Civil Service song stylings of 100 years of American music,' Matt said. 'A lunch time gig within walking distance of my office? You can't make this stuff up!'

The new site features biographical info, calendar dates for upcoming appearances, a fan email list, not-entirely-random photos and best of all, 15 of Matt's original songs and tunes available for download for FREE!

The FREE selections are from three soon-to-be released (or not) EP's;

> Matt McErlean: Potbelly Nation (guitar and vocals)
> Matt McErlean & The Tasmanians: Rock On! (full band)
> Matt McErlean & The Other Tasmanians: An Excuse to Play Jazz (instrumentals)

Download one song or all, share them with your friends, enemies or just anybody that likes accessible indie music productions.

Disclaimer: Of course, the 'FREE downloads' is simply a ploy to encourage people (read: YOU) to listen to my music. At some point I hope people will actually be willing to BUY my music -- if only to put an end to the argument with my family as to whether or not this all is just a mid-life crisis or the unfortunate result of mixing medications -- but for the foreseeable future, I hope you'll enjoy listening to my music for FREE as much as I enjoy writing and performing it.

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