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Matt McErlean: Photos

US Navy Presidential Band

US Navy Band File Photo: Petty Officer Musician First Class at 19!
US Navy Presidential Band: Port Authority, File Photo 1976
Port Authority Concert, Fort McNair 1978
Seaman Recruit McErlean: 1st Platoon Right Guide On, Company 114, Orlando, FL 1975
Seaman Recruit McErlean: Conductor, Blue Jackets Recruit Choir, Orlando, FL 1975
US Navy Band: Rehearsing with personal childhood idol Burl Ives for D.A.R. Constitution Hall Concert 1978
Navy Band Trio, Officer's Club, Washington Navy Yard 1977
DAR Constitution Hall, Navy Band with Burle Ives, 1978
Navy Band Trio, Officer's Club, Washington Navy Yard 1977
Yankee Stadium: Pre-game and 7th Inning Entertainment 1977
John Philip Sousa, Musical Sea Daddy, US Navy Band
Organization of American States, playing ALL the South American Hits with Port Authority
Roosevelt Hall Ft. McNair, Kids at this college KNOW how to party, baby!
White House South Lawn Summer Concerts for Visitors Series, 1976-1978

Freelancing Musician

Now and THEN...Home from Berklee College of Music 1974
NOW and then...Baltimore County Shining Star 2008
Maggie Howard's Birthday Party on 34th Street 1973
Carnegie Hall: Harold Seletsky Avant Garde Machine 1981
Club Med Punta Cana: Mr. PICNIC Award, two weeks running 1982
Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital: Matt McErlean & The Tasmanians Monthly performances for Hospital Audiences, Inc.
Ha'bima Isreali National Theater: My Heart Belongs to Broadway, first non-Isreali show to open at National Theater 1979
Saturday Night Stompers Featuring Freddie Moore at the Red Blazer Too 1980-83
The straight gig before NYU's MBA program 1984
Sugar Babies at The Mark Hellinger Theater: Playing the banjo solo underneath Ann Miller's fabulous tap dance solo 1981-82
Windows on the World, World Trade Centers 1980
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