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Matt McErlean: Photos

Windows on the World, North Tower, Chuck Folds Trio view from the bandstand (immediately to the right) 1980
Holding the Yoland Graves Trio together, Eliat, Israel 1980
Rock'n Roll Cousins, Leesa & Matt 1984
Washington Bridge in Washington Heights, Manhattan
Radio City Music Hall: America!, Easter & Christmas Shows 1981-82
McKinley Technology High School, Music Major 1971-1973, Jazz, Funk, Chorus, Orchestra, Tennis & Cross Country

Tasmanians: Sidemen, Roadies & Management

Beauregard (Percussion) on point 1972
Hrbek Nelson (Bass & Security) Wanted in 13 Seaboard States for Suspected Terrorist Actitivies
Chester (Keyboards) at Chesterden Farms 2002
Conseulo (Drums) Tasmanian Rhythm Section 1984
Skimmer (Stage Manager) Pensacola, FL 1986
Wolfie (Spiritual Advisor) Shelter dog courtesy of Buddy for Life 2007
Peaches (Transportation) and unknown rider Rock Creek Stables 1969
Charlie (Arranger) Castle Village 1995
Bart (Sheriff, not Simpson) Life with a black golden retriever on Loch Raven Resevoir 2000
Wolfie (Dog) Two photos because he's a good looking mutt...
Polynominal and Ramone: Star-crossed music lovers in Washington Heights 1987

Community Service

Timonium Elementary School Power Point Presentation Cover: The Biography 2003
Timonium Elementary School Thank you note from Veronica for presentation on Biographies 2003
Baltimore County Public Service Award Towsontowne Rec Council Soccer Programs 2008
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